The Harris Park Community Centre Inc (HPCC) is a non-profit organisation, providing direct support and assistance to target groups by offering information, advocacy and appropriate referral.

HPCC works with the community, ensuring that programs and services relevant to local needs are available, and encouraging residents to have a say in their community.

The Centre works closely with other services in the area to provide assistance and support to local residents of all backgrounds and receives funding from government departments.


  • To promote understanding, respect and friendships between all races, nationalities and religions.
  • To increase the overall wellbeing of residents in the region.
  • To increase the participation of all people in decisions which affect their lives, especially disadvantaged people.
  • To seek out and identify social needs in the community and communicate these needs to the responsible authority.
  • Encourage local organisations, groups and workers and the local community to work cooperatively and share resources to meet identified community needs.